Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Amazing Health benefits of water melon

Health benefits of water melon you must know. Watermelon (Citruluss Lanatus) is one type of fruits rich in vitamins, 92% contained in watermelon contains water, other watermelon nutrient content of this fruit is rich in Vitamin A which is about with 590 UI, Vitamin C and Vitamin E as well containing high enough Lycopene, which acts as an antioxidant.

In addition to rich in vitamins, watermelon is also a fruit that will be nutrients such as carbohydrates, energy, lemaj, fiber food, sugar, and protein, while the minerals contained in it are calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. For some people especially women, watermelon can be used as one of the materials that can be used for beauty such as face mask, hair vitamin and remove acne scars on the face.
But do you know? In addition to beneficial to beauty, Health benefits of water melon.

The following will explain some of the benefits of consuming watermelon fruit that can help the process of cleaning harmful substances in our body such as toxins, precisely in the kidney organs.

Benefits of Watermelon Fruit


Besides beneficial to help keep calcium in the body, the function of lycopene in the body can also ward off free radicals that are caused by air pollution, food, and weakening of the immune system in the body. In addition, watermelon is also able to support diuretic and kidney because this fruit is able to reduce excess fluid in our body.

Controlling Blood Pressure

For those of you who have blood pressure exceeding normal numbers then you are prone to risk of heart disease. One of the compounds you need is a karetonid that you can find easily in a watermelon. So there is no harm for you to consume watermelon.

Maintaining Bone Health

One of the content contained watermelon is rich in lycopene useful to help keep the calcium in our body, so the bones will become stronger and not easy keoropos.

Increase Body Resistance

Vitamin C contained in watermelon can be useful to help keep us from reactive oxygen or substances that can meruska cells in the body.

Keeping the Heart

Watermelon can also be regarded as one of the fruit that we can consume, because the watermelon is able to smooth the path of blood circulation so that the heart will always be healthy and prevent and reduce the risk of asthma.

Maintaining Eye Health

As we already know that watermelon rich in Vitamin A which of course can be useful to help maintain eye health, so our eyes always stay healthy and reduce the risk of nearsightedness farsightedness and farsightedness.

Reduce Excess Liquid

Potassium content contained in watermelon mmapu reduce excess fluid contained in our bodies, but it also can increase the reflex muscle and nerves in the body.

Reduce Fat

Watermelon can also help to reduce excess fat in the body, for those of you who are in the process of losing weight does not hurt to try to consume watermelon as one means of supporting your diet.

Drug Sprue

The last health benefit of watermelon is that it can help treat canker sores, because watermelon is rich in Vitamin C, so it is good for you to consume watermelon in the process of healing sores wounds by killing bacteria in the mouth.

Thus some health benefits of Watermelon for Health, thank you for reading this article.

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