Friday, 21 August 2015

7 Health benefits of jogging

Almost everyone agrees that running or jogging is the most evektif way to get the ideal body, but do you know if the benefits of jogging is not only limited to it alone but there are many other benefits of this kind of sport that might not be widely known.

7 Health benefits of jogging

1. Strengthen heart function. Small run or jog has benefited very much for your heart health. Familiarize yourself with little physical activity such as running or brisk walking will make your heart function better and stop it from heart attacks. Well, what about people who suddenly died while doing sports activities such as running and football because of a heart attack? This is certainly different because for heart attack patients is not recommended for melaukan strenuous exercise or with a long duration, so that should diperhatiakan is a portion of the exercise itself.

 2. Improve blood circulation. Physical activity such as running does have many benefits for the health of your internal organs, this is because when we do running or other physical activity, the blood flow more smoothly in our body so that the organs in the body can work more optimally such as the brain and heart.

 3. Help you lose weight. Khsusunya rising obesity rates in developed countries like the United States due to a lack of physical activity such as jogging. When we do jogging there is a lot of fat to be burned so that helps us lose weight. Besides physical activity such as jogging can also increase the body's metabolism which will stabilize the weight.

 4. Strengthen bones. For those of you who want to avoid the disease osteoporosis should try sports such as jogging, in addition to improving bone health jogging also has many benefits such as strengthening the heart muscle. When you jog, the bones become tumpuhan will itself become more dense so it will minimize the risk of fracture.

 5. Improve memory. Alzheimer's disease become one threat for the elderly because of the disease is very difficult to cure medically but prevention can be done by way of consuming lots of fruits, vegetables and meet the needs of the sport. A study in December 2012 and has shown regular exercise help prevent mental decline associated with age, especially memory function and concentration.

6. Boost confidence. Jogging besides good for health is also known to be able to give a real boost to your confidence. That is because Jogging will make you happier, relaxed and feeling always vit.

7. Prevent cancer. Experts agree that regular exercise can reduce the risk of various cancers, including some of the most dangerous types of cancer such as colon cancer, breast cancer, endometrial, and lung cancer. In a recent study in the British Journal of Cancer concluded that people who are active in sports such as jogging 5-6 hours / week had a 24 percent lower risk of developing colon cancer than those who only exercised 30 minutes / week.

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