Monday, 17 August 2015

10 Tips for keep heart health

Having a healthy heart is not easy, a lot of things you should not do to keep the heart healthy. What is more important is to make sure that you have a healthy heart for cardiovascular disease increases at an increasing pace.

By Therefore, please observe the following tips so that you can maintain heart health properly.

1. Move the Body with Exercise Regularly
Exercising is very important for the heart because it helps reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, the exercise will also help keep your weight at a healthy level that makes the heart unable to pump efficiently fixed.

Sports should not be heavy. A leisurely stroll, clean the house, or doing other sports that are not difficult to do.

2. Eating Healthy
Eating healthy foods every day will keep the heart healthy. Choose foods that are low in cholesterol, low fat, low salt and heart health in order to remain well preserved.

Additionally, add the vegetables, fruits, milk, and grains into the diet harian.Sesekali you can eat as you wish, but the rest you have to eat healthy foods that fit the needs of the heart.

3. Avoid Smoking Habit
Everyone knows that smoking is a bad habit that is detrimental to your health as well as others.
However, many do not realize that smoking can affect the heart and blood vessels. If you want to keep the heart healthy, then avoid smoking habit.

4. Perform health checks Irregular
Routine visit a doctor for a medical examination is an important thing that you must do.

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels is an important thing that must be controlled regularly in order levels remain low to ensure healthy heart. Do routine checks in order to ascertain the condition of your heart health.

5. Make Your Own Food
Instead of relying on eating out all the time or to buy ready meals, cook your own home. It allows you to really control what goes into your meal so you can make sure you use only the best materials.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamins that your heart needs such as spinach, avocado and nuts as well as reduce foods that have very high cholesterol levels.

7. Reduce Drinking Alcohol
You should reduce or even beverages containing alcohol. This is because alcohol can damage your heart muscle.

8. Eat Healthy Nuts
Replace your snacks to eat nuts are natural and healthy. Almonds, walnuts, and other nuts have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the bloodstream.

Nuts are high in calories, so do not overdo the eating mengonsumsinya.Cukup little nuts a day may help protect the heart with healthy fats.

9. Drink green tea without sugar, soft drinks Leave
Own brewed green tea and take it wherever you go, be it to work or just visiting the green taman.Teh contain antioxidants that are good for heart health by preventing damage to blood vessels.
Drinking two cups of green tea without sugar a day has been shown to have benefits to protect heart health.

10. Night Sleep Quality
Research has shown that lack of sleep at night can cause heart damage. Work commitments could make a number of hours of sleep at night berkurang.Kurang sleep cause you have twice the risk of having a heart attack. Go to sleep for 8 hours straight, some people may need more than 8 hours.

Sleep is when the body restores itself. If you have trouble sleeping, try breathing exercises just before turning off the lights. People who get enough sleep more controlled weight and have better health.

Similarly, 10 Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy Immediately practice so that your heart can function properly. Hopefully the above tips blog friend the doctor can take care of his heart to stay healthy. Thanks :)

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