Saturday, 4 April 2015

6 Health benefits of laughing

Health benefits of laughing. laughing happily sign, but it depends on what the meaning of happiness itself for Us. That is, people who are happy would be easy to laugh than those who grieve. But also can not laugh shown disegalka unfavorable situation because when others are grieving our own laughter. Laughter has long been believed by experts is very good for health, and of course a good laugh meaningful and positive.

Laughter can help us feel energized and refreshed. This is because laughter can increase the intake of oxygen and releases endorphins, the feel good hormones that make us feel happy. As once said by Charlie Chaplin, that laughter is good medicine to relieve pain.

When combined with a healthy lifestyle habits, can laugh extraordinary meaningful for the overall health of our bodies.

Here are some tremendous benefits for health laugh:

Laughter makes us feel better

If at any time you feel very stressed, and someone suddenly make funny jokes that could make you laugh out loud, then it will make you feel better, especially if the laughter is completely out. A good idea when we are stressed, looking for something that is entertaining and can make us laugh.

Laughter boost immunity

Conditions that we experience stress can cause chemical reactions in the body that can be lowered immunity, so the chances of us being taken ill very besar.Tertawa fuel is one of the immune system that is warm, that with great power would fight the disease and will help us stay healthy and energetic.

Laughter increases blood flow

You feel weak, dizzy, headache ?, you can so the tension is rising. Laughter can reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow, which in turn will reduce the chances of suffering a stroke or heart attack.

Laughter increases confidence and mood

People who believe themselves to have the ability to laugh at themselves, and no matter how bad what they have done. People who are confident will receive any errors when walking and can resume with a hearty laugh. This will minimize stress, and prevent the waste of time that could lead to self-destructive.

Laughter can help burn calories

Laughter can even help us in megelola body fitness. According to the study, laugh will boost the heart rate and can burn 10-40 calories in 15 minutes.

Making Ageless

People are always locked in tense situations are generally more easily stressed. Stress happens to trigger the release of a hormone called cortisol. Excessive cortisol from stress which can lead to protracted high blood pressure, high blood sugar, the immune system etc. There is another hormone released when stressed, namely Norephnephryne that will make people who stress becomes difficult to sleep. Some of stress above could eventually make us look older faster, and with gray hair grow faster. Thus, a healthy laugh habits can deliver us from stress, which in turn will keep us young.

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