Sunday, 29 March 2015

7 Health benefits of dragon fruits

7 Health benefits of dragon fruits. The term itself comes from the dragon fruit designation Thang Loy (in Vietnam). This title is motivated belief Vietnamese citizens who happened to be attached to the Chinese culture of the blessings obtained propagators of this fruit. Vietnamese and Chinese cultures are always put between two male dragon fruit dragon statue at an event later interpreted by the public as dragon fruit / dragon fruit.

1. Prevent Cancer
We know that cancer is a disease that is dangerous. The disease is difficult and expensive to treat, therefore we can to prevent the frequent eating dragon fruit. The content of antioxidants in the fruit dragon proven to reduce the risk of cancer.

2. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes Mellitus
Dragon fruit contains vitamin B3 which is believed to reduce blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels can be controlled, the risk of diabetes can be minimized. For those who have children with diabetes, frequent eating dragon fruit so that your risk of diabetes is getting smaller. Remember that I once wrote an article about the causes of diabetes, one of which comes from heredity.

3. Improve Immune
Dragon fruit contains vitamin C which is very high. Vitamin C is able to boost our immune system. Dragon fruit is also very good consumed by children in infancy.

4. Lowering Cholesterol
Dragon fruit also can help lower bad cholesterol in our body. The content of vitamin B3 in the dragon fruit is believed to be a substance that is able to reduce the kadarkolesterol. Eat a dragon fruit on a regular basis in order to get the desired results.

5. Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack
Such as cancer, heart disease is a deadly disease. Therefore, we anticipate better than having to treat. The content that is owned by the dragon fruit is believed efficacious for reducing the risk of heart attack in humans.

6. for diet
For those who are on a diet, you can try to use the dragon fruit to your nutritional intake daily. Famous dragon fruit is rich in fiber and low in calories. You can control the amount of calories you can easily use the dragon fruit because the calorie content is quite low. You also do not have to worry about going hungry because of fast fiber content is owned by the dragon fruit is enough to make you satisfied.

7. launched Digestion
Efficacy of the most powerful dragon fruit is to help you when it is experiencing digestive problems. Vitamin B1 and soluble fiber in dragon fruit is very effective for digestion. You can membuah dragon fruit juice that is easily digested and help dissolve the blockage in intestines.

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